Being a supervisor comes a list of expectations from his or her workmates. A supervisor is expected to use an understanding of communication styles to develop strategies for applying effective interpersonal skills to relationships in the workplace.

While this is true, another skill of a supervisor is to apply motivational insights to formulate a plan to maximize the achievement and contribution of each employee to become a top performer.

The supervisor should have the skills to use behavior based questions during the hiring interview. When it comes to nurturing aspect, the supervisor should help employees set goals, objectives, strategies and means of measurement for effective planning and decision-making. The supervisor should also recognize and reward performance that meets expectations and counsel with employees to implement developmental performance improvement plans to improve weak areas.

For a balanced management of subordinates, the supervisor must overcome resistance to counseling. He or she should use modern coaching skills to maximize performance.
# Apply the trust equation: credibility + reliability + intimacy / self-promotion.

The use of interpersonal negotiation skills in persuading and influencing colleagues is also a good skill that a supervisor must master. He or she must mentor top performers for career development.

Business SupervisorA good supervisor can also describe the sources of conflict and the advantages and disadvantages of five varying responses to conflict.  While he is doing all the above skills in his/her daily work routines, the supervisor is also expected to:

  • – Give and receive feedback to understand needs and interests
  • – Conduct effective tail-boarding and team meetings
  • – Implement disciplinary actions within the context of legalities